Advanced Web Applications: Flex

During my final semester at FSU, I took an advanced web applications class. In this class we used Flex (Flash) to design and code a variety of projects. Despite Flex already being a somewhat outdated language, I was able to produce some programs I am pleased with and get a basic understanding of what goes into programming.

Unfortunately WordPress won’t allow for the embedding of Flash projects so clicking on the following images will take you to a page where they are viewable and playable for now. (I am not sure how long my webspace at FSU remains active.)

Big Ten Air App
After a few preliminary apps we designed, we were then given an assignment to create a downloadable app that used XML for the data. There was to be a home page, a list of teams tab showing wins and losses, game schedule, and team rosters.

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Usability Analysis: Blackboard Redesign

In this final assignment for this class, we were to select a component of the Blackboard Learning Management System and do an analysis of its usability and design an improvement. I selected the “tests, surveys, and pools” component which allows for instructors to build questions that can be used for assessment or surveys.

In the analysis, I compared Blackboard to competing systems, researched criticism, and interviewed active users. The design was a cleaner, more graphical interface that is not as piecemeal as the current system.

The video below is my final class presentation/report on the assignment. Images below show various stages of the project.

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Information Architecture: D&D iPad App Concept

The final project for my information architecture class was to design the blueprint for an information system—website or mobile app—of our choosing, emphasizing user-centered design principles. The project involved original research on our chosen topic (in this case, a Dungeons & Dragons iPad app), as well as using a variety of IA tools and techniques for developing the architecture of the system and communicating our ideas to stakeholders. Materials submitted for evaluation includes six deliverables and a narrative essay.

The deliverables were:

  • personas
  • scenario (not shown below)
  • sitepath
  • site map
  • low-fidelity wireframe
  • high-fidelity wireframe

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Our Children: Florida’s Future

I’ve made a couple of references to it recently and now I can finally (officially) show off what has consumed most of my time the past few weeks.

I had the opportunity to put together this almost nine minute video for the Children’s Campaign. This video will serve as a tool to inform people in Florida about the need for better funding for children. The video is intended to be viewed on the web and will also serve as a video presentation for the Children’s Campaign Truth Tour 2008. This tour began Thursday, September 18 in Miami where the video will made its full-fledged debut.

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