Nerd Lunch Comic Con

My wife and I each recently purchased an iPhone 4. I really wanted to check out the video these things shoot. Being impressed with a couple projects produced with the iPhone 4 that I’ve seen recently, I felt the need to put together my own project. So, in a 24 hour period, my family and a couple friends put together this seven and a half minute short for my Nerd Lunch blog.

If you’re not a comic book nerd or have never been to a comic book convention, some of the jokes may fall flat for you, but I still thought I’d share it here. It didn’t get a huge response, but it was effective in being something fun the family and some friends could enjoy.

There are things I like about the iPhone 4 footage, but now having used it, I can’t see doing any major projects with it. More fun stuff like this though.

Nerd Lunch Comic Con from Carlin Trammel on Vimeo.

Special thanks to Scott Holstein and John Kimber for swinging by to be actors in the video. And also check out Michael Calienes’ site for more music like the clip I used at the beginning of the video.