Hodge Podge of Tallahassee Magazine Videos

Mayor Gillum's #TMAGSelfie

While trying to catch up on the backlog of missing items here, I realized there were a few videos that I hadn’t posted about that I’ll just throw into one post here.

We did a story on the mayor and his family. A couple of different photo shoots were set up and I attended both and put together a behind-the-scenes video.

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Summer 2015 Family Videos

I threw together a couple fun videos over the summer featuring some family outings. During the July 4th holiday, I took home the office GoPro and we went out to Lake Hall at Maclay Gardens. Got some fun footage so I put it together. I shot everything at 60 fps and then slowed it down to half speed for effect.

Later in July, the family headed to Texas. I sporadically shot video clips with my iPhone of various things the kids enjoyed doing. When we got back, I had enough to make a nice little video for that trip.

All during the Texas trip, I was posting on social media and used the #TramTexTrek2015 hashtag. Click the hashtag and view the entire trip as it progressed and some of the aftermath (including a very special episode of Nerd Lunch).


A Recap of Tallahassee Magazine’s 2014 (Better Late Than Never)

I’ve admittedly been slack on updating this blog with my various projects. So even though it’s currently August of 2015, I’m still going to share this little project I did that was a recap of Tallahassee Magazine’s 2014. This was mainly a little editing job as it took pieces from all the videos we had produced in 2014 and combined them into a little sizzle reel. I’m really looking forward to doing this again at the end of this year as there has been a lot of growth and advancement in our capabilities.

Tony Hale, Tallahassee Magazine Cover Shoot Video

Tony Hale on the cover of Tallahassee Magazine. Photo by Scott Holstein
Tony Hale on the cover of Tallahassee Magazine. Photo by Scott Holstein

Tony Hale from Arrested Development and Veep fame is originally from Tallahassee, FL. It was decided that he would be featured in an issue of the magazine and he would even be able to be on the cover. I had the privilege of shooting a behind-the-scenes video of the cover shoot.

Tony Hale on the Cover of Tallahassee Magazine Behind-the-Scenes video produced by Carlin Trammel:

Photographer Scott Holstein has also written about the experience. You can read that here: Scott Holstein’s Tony Hale Blog

As a result of being able to shoot this, I had footage to use in the promo video for the July/August 2014 issue. I even had fun putting together motion graphics for the cover near the end of the video where the footage transitions into the cover.

Tallahassee Magazine, July/August 2014 promo video produced by Carlin Trammel


Digital Graffiti 2014 Recap

alys-shoppe-modelsLast weekend I had the opportunity to attend Digital Graffiti 2014 due to my role as the Digital Services Manager for EC magazine. EC had signed on as a sponsor for the event and we were hosting the pre-show tent party. The tent had drinks, music, cupcakes, free magazines, and was host to a magazine-style photo shoot that staff photographer Matt Burke shot. The shoot also included two professional models supplied to us by the Alys Shoppe.

My role at the event was to cover the event live for EC’s social media. I had a list of contracted posts that I needed to do during the evening. I was also supposed to capture footage from the event to use in a recap video that could be used to drive traffic to our site and possibly be used for promotional purposes in the future.

Considering the limitations of the evening, I think the video turned out alright.

You can check out the entire recap of the event at: Digital Graffiti Recap on EmeraldCoastMagazine.com

Tallahassee Magazine, March/April Jazz Videos


Tallahassee Magazine recently did a story about the jazz scene in the city. One facet of the story was about local jazz musician, Scotty Barnhart.

Most of the time, when I’m shooting videos for the magazine, I’m using an iPad. It’s not the best option out there if you’re looking to get into video production, but for what we’re doing, it does the trick. It’s a great tool that allows me to do a whole bunch of things when I’m out and about. For this photo shoot, the action was taking place in Scotty Barnhart’s office on the FSU campus. One of his students was also there for a teaching session. When the two began talking about doing a duet, I knew it would be awesome for the video to have two different camera angles, but only having one iPad was going to make that tricky. Then I had the thought to also use my personal iPhone, and have a two-camera set up with both devices. They played the song again after this take and I was able to grab a two-shot that I also used in the final video. So with a little bit of cheating, this winds up looking like a three-person camera crew came in to shoot this. I’ve got to applaud Apple on their image stabilization, too. I can’t have been terribly steady on my own when shooting this.

Video was also shot by Tristan Kroening at the B Sharp Jazz Club and I turned that footage into an additional support video for the story.

Tallahassee Magazine, March/April Cosplay Video

tm-ma-14-coverTallahassee Magazine recently did a story about local cosplayers. This story was written by one of the “Geek Girls” who appeared as a guest in episode 3 of Nerd Lunch: The Web Series and talked about her own experiences with cosplay as well as those of the other “Geek Girl” from Nerd Lunch 3.

Of course, the story dictated there be some photography taken of these cosplayers in their outfits. Scott Holstein took the photos and he was also the photog on Nerd Lunch: The Web Series. So a little reunion of sorts came out of this photo shoot since I decided a “behind-the-scenes” video needed to be done.

I think the results turned out pretty good and really helped show off the outfits and work as a great piece of additional content for the publication’s website.