Cyclo-Cross Spectacular!

This past weekend, Tallahassee was host to the Cyclo-Cross Spectacular. My co-worker Daniel participated in one of the races on Saturday. I went out, with Lexi the Canon XL2 camera in tow, and videotaped him racing. Then I threw together this quick edit for Daniel so he could share with his friends and family.

While it was a challenging course for Daniel, I found myself put a bit through the ringer as I ran all over trying to keep up with him. Running up hills and cutting across fields to find locations to grab multiple angles was exhausting, but fun. At no point was I tasting blood like Daniel was though.

How ‘How It Happened One Night’ Happened

“How It Happened One Night” has been an interesting project. It started one day when I was talking to Rowland Publishing creative director, Larry Davidson. Larry was casually mentioning that a photo essay story was coming up in a future issue of Tallahassee Magazine that would send photographers all over town to document what happened during a typical evening. That instantly piqued my interest and I immediately suggested an idea I had sort of pitched a while back.

That idea was a spin-off of my work at Sports Publishing where I had worked on five DVDs called “Beyond the Book.” These discs were packaged with five books and featured interviews with the celebrity authors. The interviews gave viewers a little more info than what was in the book and came straight from the authors themselves in the interviews. I had pitched a similar idea to Rowland Publishing. I figured some stories could benefit from going more in-depth in video format. And that content could be posted online. Online video is booming and is fairly inexpensive to produce.

So, what became “It Happened One Night” seemed like a good story to get more in-depth with. The magazine feature was still being planned so my plans on how to approach the evening of the shoot were constantly changing. Finally, the teams were established and a schedule was mostly set in stone. Not really having a vision for what the final product would be, I plotted out shoots I thought were interesting and also tried to meet up with each of the seven teams at least once.

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How It Happened One Night

The entire 50+ minute documentary is now online. This documentary goes behind the scenes of the Tallahassee Magazine cover feature in the May/June 2007 issue, “It Happened One Night.” Seven photographers set out to capture what goes on in Tallahassee from sun down to sun up. And I was there capturing what happened with them.

How It Happened One Night from Carlin Trammel on Vimeo.