Magazine Promo Videos

Below are a few promotional videos that I created to promote new issues of the Rowland Publishing titles. Each video gives a few highlights of what the content will be in the magazine and teases with headlines and photos. The videos are posted to the social media accounts and blogs of the magazines.

The videos were created using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere.

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Tallahassee Magazine Videos

I’ve been producing bonus content for Tallahassee Magazine’s website. The videos below were shot by Lawrence Davidson, Laura Patrick and Scott Holstein (respectively) and I did the post-production and editing on them. These were all for the March/April issue. I’ll post the July/August videos tomorrow.

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Forge Video

I recently was tasked with creating a video showing off a new product for F4Devices. The product is a device called the Forge. This is essentially a “sizzle reel” for the device showing it in action and accompanied by motion graphics to support the list of features. The video will be used in social media, email blasts, and at trade show displays.

My role in this was to update existing motion graphics to focus solely on the new device, shoot and edit in new material of the device in action, create new motion graphics highlighting certain features (such as the echolocation and clinometer) and choose and sync new stock music.

Additionally, I also created a tutorial video for how to replace a battery for this device.

Vizualize This

I recently connected my LinkedIn account with a service called Vizualize. It’s pretty interesting how it takes the information on that page and graphically maps it out. The above graphic just shows work experience, but it plots out education and skills as well. There are also different themes to choose and the colors and fonts are all customizable.

It’s a good way to examine your own profile and see if there are any holes in it. The above is probably my favorite of the themes, but I still don’t love it. The triangle suggests a peak. I’d rather see it displayed as bars. There is a bar option, but that runs vertically instead of horizontally.

There are definitely some things I’d like to tweak about both my LinkedIn profile and this. You can see the whole thing and watch it ever evolve by clicking the link below.

Carlin Trammel’s Vizualize Page