Summer 2015 Family Videos

I threw together a couple fun videos over the summer featuring some family outings. During the July 4th holiday, I took home the office GoPro and we went out to Lake Hall at Maclay Gardens. Got some fun footage so I put it together. I shot everything at 60 fps and then slowed it down to half speed for effect.

Later in July, the family headed to Texas. I sporadically shot video clips with my iPhone of various things the kids enjoyed doing. When we got back, I had enough to make a nice little video for that trip.

All during the Texas trip, I was posting on social media and used the #TramTexTrek2015 hashtag. Click the hashtag and view the entire trip as it progressed and some of the aftermath (including a very special episode of Nerd Lunch).


Usability Analysis: Good and Bad Stories

For my Usability Analysis class, we started off the semester by identifying something with bad usability and something with good usability. We were allowed to present this in the form of a video. Using my video production skills, I decided to do just that.

For my “bad usability” story I chose to talk about DVD digipaks although a runner up for this was the ordering system at Chick-fil-A.

For my “good usability” story, I went with a mobile app. I’m a big fan of the YouVersion Bible app on both the iPhone and iPad, although this video discusses just the iPhone version.

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