I co-host and produce three active podcasts.


Nerd Lunch

Nerd Lunch is a weekly round table discussion podcast focusing on “nerdy” topics like movies, comics, video games, and action figures. We also delve into some food topics like junk food and fast food. I am one of three regular co-hosts and we have a different guest in the “rotating Fourth Chair” each week. I’ve been the primary host on a majority of the shows, but we do rotate hosting and audio editing duties.

audio sample:


Pod, James Pod

This podcast is a completely different type of show from Nerd Lunch. While “posing” as a James Bond discussion podcast, this is actually intended to be more of a comedy/nonsensical show. I am one of two real co-hosts, but we have a third co-host named “Alabama Dog” who doesn’t really exist and rarely even appears on the show. The shows run about 30-45 minutes and we purposely avoid talking about James Bond for as long as we can. There are plenty of other James Bond discussion podcasts out there, but there’s only on Pod, James Pod.

audio sample:


Dragonfly Ripple

This is a brand new show beginning in early 2015 that I am co-hosting with three other people. Michael May, who has been a frequent guest on Nerd Lunch, joins me on this show and we each also welcome our children. Michael and I will be sharing our “nerdy” interests with our children and then having a small group discussion on those things. The show should run about 30-40 minutes and be released every 4-6 weeks.


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